Journal of AlMaarif University College (JAUC) is a peer-reviewed journal published by AlMaarif University College (AUC), Ramadi, Iraq. It was found and published the first issue in 1998 and registered under the Iraqi National Library and Archive (INLA) with a deposit number of 670. Later, the journal obtained The International Standard Serial Number of the journal (ISSN 1815-3364).

The journal receives the original scientific research articles in the humanities, engineering, medical, linguistic, literary, and all experimental and theoretical sciences. This comes in consistence with the academic specializations circulated (AUC) such as: law, Arabic, Islamic law, English language and literature, management, financial science and economics. In addition, the Journal deals with engineering research in its various branches, physical (sports) education and physical knowledge.

The journal, which is multi-disciplinary, open access, and bi-annual, aims to publish original research with an active contribution to the scientific and academic society. The journal mutually adopts Arabic and English languages to publish research and is careful to use scientific terminology in both languages while adhering to a clear and balanced writing style.

The Journal has an editorial board comprising specialists in various sciences and knowledge at a considerable level and from different countries of the world.

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2020): test


Published: 2020-05-31




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